Bridge Course

SriGuru Institute of Technology is delighted to welcome you for CATALYST, the college’s Three Week Bridge Course for the year 2019.

The course starts from 08-07-2019, Monday.

The programme is designed to enhance the students by equipping them with the following events.

  1. Introduction to Basic Engineering
    Students are introduced to the basic skill sets necessary to begin their Engineering Journey.
  2. English Language Development
    The fear of English is driven away. Basic English Writing and Speaking skills are introduced.
  3. Project based Learning
    Hands-on Training sessions make the students learn the concepts thoroughly.
  4. Foundational Computer Skills Sessions
    Basic Computer Skills necessary to start learning Computer Languages / Programming with interest.
  5. Inter-personal and Personality Skills
    The skill of getting along with people with dignity, courtesy and integrity. Increase of Confidence.
  6. A peek into Internships / Hackathons / Competitions
    Exposure to Industry while in college. The method in which SriGuru students keep getting MNC offers annually through contests.
  7. Erudite Educational Trips
    Outdoor trips that inculcate learning through fun.

Students who are willing to participate in the Bridge Course can use the college transport or stay in the hostel for the entire duration of three weeks. Both transport and hostel are free of cost during the Bridge Course.

All students who have passed +2 and aspire to study Engineering are welcome. Inform your friends.

For details call: 7867012136