• College works from Monday to Friday and on first, third and fifth Saturdays.
  • Working Hours:  09.00 a.m. –  05.00 p.m.
    • As per the Time Table prescribed from time to time
    • Interval (FN)     : 10.40 a.m. –  10.55 a.m. / 11.30 a.m. –  11.45 a.m.
    • Lunch Break    : 12.35 p.m – 01.25 p.m. / 01.25 p.m  –  02.15 p.m.
    • Interval (AN)     : 03.05 p.m – 03.20 p.m. / 03.55 p.m. –  04.10 p.m.
  • The periods in the Morning and Afternoon sessions are of 50 minutes duration.
  • Students are not permitted to enter into the College campus after 8.55 a.m. and are not allowed to leave the College campus before 5.00 p.m.
  • Students should follow strict timings for the class hours as per the given timetable.
  • Parents, Guardians and Visitors are strictly not allowed to meet the students during the College working hours.
  • Students should obey the Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Anna University.
  • All requisition letters for Bonafide certificates, Scholarship forms and Charitable Trust Scholarship forms should be addressed to the Principal through HOD.
  • Each and every student will have a student Counsellor. Students are requested to approach their Counsellor for their academic needs.
  • Parents are requested to feel free and spend their time for discussions with the student Counsellor / Class Advisor / HOD / Principal.
  • If there is any change in the address, contact number and Email ID, Parents should inform their respective Class Counsellor.
  • Usages of Mobile Phones, Video gadgets, IPods etc., by the students are strictly prohibited inside the College campus.
  • The Hostel students should obey the hostel rules and regulations.
  • Buses ply in various routes according to the convenience of the students, so that,they can board the bus at their nearest boarding point.
  • The vehicle of the students should be parked in the allotted parking place only.
  • Under the Central Motor Vehicle Act, wearing helmet has been made compulsory. This rule is implemented strictly to all the two – wheeler riders and pillion riders.

Conduct and Discipline

  • The conduct of each student should be satisfactory.
  • They should be punctual to classes and do their work with devotion. No student can enter or leave the classroom as he/she likes.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the College campus. In case of any in-disciplinary action or misbehavior in any manner, the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Principal will enquire on the matter and recommend necessary action.
  • Students should use the facilities available in the College campus without causing any damage. If any damage is done to furniture, equipment, electrical fittings, library books, College buildings etc. action will be taken to impose punishment and recover the cost.
  • Students are expected to behave in a cultured way to maintain the high status of this prestigious Institution.

Students Attendance and Leave

  • All requisition letters for Leave should be addressed to the HOD through Class Advisor.
  • All requisition letters for Medical certificates, Special Permissions, Project Permissions and Industrial Visit Permissions should be addressed to the Principal through HOD.
  • Attendance shall be calculated on hourly basis i.e., in terms of each lecture period.
  • Attendance is compulsory for the Regular Classes, Tests and Examinations .
  • Unauthorised absence is not permitted. However, leave letters for one or two days, with Parent’s signature will be considered. If physical ailment exceeds more than two days, a medical certificate has to be produced along with the leave application.

Notification given by The Controller of Examinations, Anna University for Lack of Attendance / Medical Leave.

  • 75% and above overall attendance is eligible for Examination.
  • 65% & above and below 75% are considered in exceptional cases where the students are away on Medical grounds.
  • Such absenteeism on genuine medical grounds need to be forwarded to the University as and when occurs and not at the end of the semester.
  • The Principal will scrutinize the application submitted by the students and reject cases which are not genuine (like 3 days of headache & fever, Medical Certificate for Saturday, Sunday etc.)
  • Further students who have not registered for the Examination due to lack of attendance are not eligible to proceed to the next Semester.

Dress Code

  • Students should wear neat and proper dress inside the College campus.
  • Girls can wear either saree or churidhar with dhupatta neatly pinned.
  • Boys should wear formal pants and shirts neatly tucked in and they should wear shoes compulsorily. Jeans, Cargos & T–shirts are not allowed inside the College campus during the working hours.
  • The students should wear the prescribed uniform for laboratory classes.

Every student is provided with an Identity Card. All the students should wear their Identity Card along with rope inside the College campus.