Cyber Cloud

Cyber Cloud

Cyber Cloud

Cyber Cloud of CSE was inaugurated by Mr. M.Bharath, Senior Manager- HR, Virtusa Polaris, Chennai, Mr. K.Sasi Kumar, Deputy Manager- HR, Renault Nissan & Mr. Magesh Selvaraj, HR Business Partner at Excelacom Technologies, Chennai.


Raspberry Pi Club




 Raspberry Pi Club from Department of computer Science and Engineering launched Pi-PC on 18 September 2015. Pi-PC is a desktop powered by the on-board computer called Raspberry Pi. It includes keyboard, mouse and a HDMI Compatible monitor. It costs around 9800 INR only.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into the TV and a keyboard. It is a capable little computer which can be used in electronics projects, and for many things that a desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition videos. Its features include ultra low-cost and low-power, fanless, instant start-up and complete easy-to-program computer. The Raspberry Pi has created a passion among students to do their projects. Ongoing projects in this club are Robot using Raspberry Pi, Dr.Pi, E-Waiter, Google Voice as a Landline and Accident Detectors using Raspberry Pi. 


Virtual Clothing


Virtual Clothing is a full customizable, powerful and easy to use augmented reality 3D fitting room system. Our innovative technology allows shoppers to virtually try on various clothes and accessories, giving the chance to preview products without trying them on physically. Virtual Clothing comes with a seamlessly integrated Flash based user interface system that is responsible for overlaying menus, messages, graphics elements, branding and provide an interaction layer between the user and the virtual fitting room software. It comes with a full featured, easy to use online WYSIWYG editor what makes possible to customize the look and feel of the whole try on experience. The editor is accessible from our back-end admin pages under the skin menu.The user interface is built of widgets, and screens.
3. Dermatoglyphics


It is a multiple intelligence decoding technique in which fingerprints are being used to decode the intelligence of an individual. The fingerprints are closely associated with the structure of the brain, which helps us to decode the characteristics and personality of the individual. The fingerprint obtained from a person is passed through an algorithm and the charateristics of the person is  determined.

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