Einstein’s Empire

Einstein’s Empire

Einstein’s Empire

Einstein’s Empire of Science and Humanities Department was inaugurated by Mr. Indika, Group HR Manager, Jay Jay Mills & Mr. Derrick Perera, COO- WM  Mendis Group  CHRO – Perpetual Group, Soth East Asia

Crystal Structure

Solid state physics is the subject of studying the solid structure, interaction between constituent particles as well as their motion law, and clarifying the Solid performance and application. It is an important branch in physics with rich contents and wide applications and an elementary and compulsory course with great importance. Therefore, it’s particularly important to teach solid state physics well. But this curriculum researches material from the electronic or atom level, which is not visual and intuitive, lots of problem, such as crystal structure and symmetry, demand highly for the ability of space imagination. Because these parts involve in 3D space transformation.

Accident Prevention Bus

Hybrid species bus is an idea to save the life of the pasangers who utilize AIRBUSES i.eAC coaches as a mode of transport .This  bus is a life saver for the passengers.The bus has a system that works after the occurance of the accident. When the bus collides with an obstacle the total side of the bus gets open.The both sides act as an emergency exit and also it has air bags at the rear position of each seats. It also contains fire sensors which prevents from fire accidents.

Lighting Kuthuvizhaku using RF Remote Control /  IOT

The purpose of this project is to control the kuthuvizhaku using RF remote control or by using raspberry pi. This interface that runs on raspberry pi will recognize our voice and send the command to the devices over the internet based on IoT, which is a growing network of physical objects that features an IP address for internet connectivity and the communication occurs between object and other internet enabled devices. These devices will understand the command and respond for the command immediately. Basically the devices are controlled and programmed using GPIO. Technically the controller controls the device. We have implemented the GUI for the controller as the web application.

Course Intro Video

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