Science is the basis for all the other branches of Engineering Discipline. The Department of Science and Humanities constitutes of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The motto of the Department is to provide high quality education to students with the assistance of well-qualified, dedicated and highly motivated faculty members. To support the theoretical aspects of the subjects and impart practical knowledge of the same, the department possesses Physics and Chemistry laboratories. Apart from this it also has a Language Laboratory to brush up English and communication skills.



Chemistry is a central science impinging on almost all aspects of our daily lives. Chemistry Laboratory has very good infrastructure to support Research & Practical activities. It provides a broad range of instruments to support the First Year B.E students and to meet the curriculum demands for practical activities. A big, spacious, well furnished & fully equipped laboratory is available with RO water connections. Double distilled water is used for all the experiments for accuracy. The high quality chemicals are used for all the experiments.

The department is well equipped and hosts several experiments to have sound knowledge on the applications of Chemistry:

• Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Double Beam UV- V is spectroscopy is routinely used in analytical chemistry for the  quantitative determination of different analyses such as transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules. Spectroscopic analysis is commonly carried out in solutions but solids and gases may also be studied.

• Digital Conductivity meter with cell
1. Measurement of absolute conductivity of electrical hardware and electrical conductor made of copper, aluminum and their alloys.

2. Segregation of mixed lot of non-ferrous metals.

3. Determination of uniformity of heat treatment.

4. Determination of homogeneity of metal.

• Digital pH Meter with electrode 361
pH meter is used to acquire the measurement of a substance’s pH level. The pH of a substance is a measurement of its acidity or basicity.
• Hot air oven
1. Hot air ovens are electrical devices used in sterilization. The oven uses dry heat to sterilize articles. These are digitally controlled to maintain the temperature.
2. Finding usage for dry heat to sterilize articles
3. Finding suitability in laboratories and hospitals
4.These are widely used to sterilize articles that can withstand high temperatures ( the standard settings for a hot air oven are 1.5 to 2 hours at 160 °C (320 °F) and 6 to 12 minutes at 190 °C (374 °F)) and not get burnt, like glassware and powders.
• Water bath with regulator six hole
Over-temperature safety circuitry prevents thermal runaway.
• Electronic digital potentiometer
1. Potentiometer is an accurate instrument used to compare emf of a cell, Potential difference between two points of the electric wire.
2. Potentiometer is used in combination with filter networks act as tone controls or equalizers.
3. Potentiometers are widely used throughout electronics wherever adjustments must be made during manufacturing or servicing.


The Department of Physics has a glorious history of half a decade and was established as one of the earliest Department under the Faculty of science. The Department is recognized for many significant contributions to our understanding of experimental as well as theoretical Physics. Physics is the most fundamental science. It is the foundation for our understanding of the world around us, spanning the ultimate depths within subatomic nuclei to distances beyond the known universe. Physics provides a basis for other sciences, including chemistry, biology, astronomy, and geology. Physics discoveries, which led to technologies ranging from energy sources to quantum information and nano-communication devices to state-of-the-art medical diagnostics, have revolutionized our world, and will continue to do so. The Physics curriculum at SRIGURU provides strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities for careers ranging from academic research, to industrial development, to large government exploration, to project management, to the financial sector, to creative writing. The curriculum is unusually flexible and has successfully led to degrees with double, and even triple majors in diverse fields. The Physics program also promotes and rewards creativity, stimulates intellectual development, and engages our students in life-long learning. The program is designed to assist our students in developing deep understanding via powerful problem-solving skills, preparing them for a very broad range of opportunities.


The aim to provide strong fundamentals in Science and Technology under graduate courses and to development research activities in Physics. It caters to the needs of B.E students in strengthening their knowledge in Physics to serve for their carrier as an effective technocrat. Undertake research and development to achieve self- sufficiency in High- tech materials, devices and instruments. The following are the major equipments in our Laboratory.

1. Energy Band gap Kit
2. Carey-Foster’s Bridge
3. Diode Laser
4. Fiber Optic Kit
5. Helium Neon Laser
6. Lee’s Disc Apparatus
7. Potentiometer
8. Spectrometer
9. Torsion Pendulum
10. Travelling Microscope
11. Ultrasonic Interferometer
12. Viscosity Apparatus
13. Young’s modulus kit

Only few equipments of the above mentioned are explained here.  


      Lasers have many important applications. They are used in common consumer devices such as Optical disk drives, laser printers, and barcode scanners. They are used in medicine for laser surgery and various skin treatments, and in industry for cutting and welding materials. They are used in military and law enforcement devices for marking targets and measuring range and speed. Laser lighting displays use laser light as an entertainment medium.

Today, fiber optics has emerged to a level where it plays key role in almost all of the relevant engineering applications. Thus, it is extremely important to have a deep understanding of the fundamental and salient features behind this technology, which is key to design/development for highly accurate and sensitive application requirements.