Effective communication skills are essential for pursuing career goals and increasing value at work. English is the lingua franca thanks to its global domination in business, products & services, international relations, travel and culture. Today, to be an efficient employee, learning communication skills is the first step in leveraging competencies like listening, speaking, teamwork and analytical skills. To enhance these skills, SriGuru ELDA facilitates training programmes to all the students in order to make them Industry ready Employable Engineers. ELDA gives learners the opportunity to practice speaking and listening, improve employability and increase their vocabulary in an informal and friendly setting. SriGuru ELDA offers a Certificate Course to the students’ community. The course focuses on everyday English situations as well as employability skills such as job applications, CVs, and interview skills. The unique characteristic feature of the SriGuru English Club is that it is moderated by students. ELDA has always produced great student moderators.

Faculty In charge:

  1. Mr. C. Shanker, Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. S. Janneker Lawrence Daniel, Assistant Professor